Is there a chance that Chloronquine could be effective in the treatment of Coronavirus?

Is Chloroquine (Alaren) Being Used In Australia There are dozens of countries around the world suffering from the Coronavirus pandemic and there is no vaccine or treatment yet for the virus. This has caused a massive buildup of patients suffering from severe symptoms such as lung failure requiring them to be put on ventilators. The problem with this virus is that it is spreading faster than people can be treated and put on ventilators. Despite the rather hopeless looking situation, courageous medical workers continue their work on the frontlines of the pandemic and doctors are scrambling to find a viable treatment. One such possible treatment being considered is called Chloroquine (Alaren). This is a pandemic of the likes that have never been seen before. The closest time in modern history that comes close to the current situation with COVID-19 was the 1918 influenza. Social distancing With the current situation unclear regarding social distancing and the duration of the lockdown, people are looking for any sign of hope to cling onto. Any mention of a potential treatment for COVID-19 has caused people to rush to buy stores of the drug and similar products. One couple in the US even drank a Continue Reading