CBD Oil: Medicinal Uses, Health Benefits, and Risks

At the end of XIX century, the most powerful woman in the world, Queen Victoria took Cannabis for reducing the pain during her menses. It was used as a natural painkiller.At  that time, it was already recognized by millennia of use. As far as 4000 years ago, Chinese emperors of the old drank Marijuana tea as a medicine. Until the first quarter of XX  century in Europe and in US Cannabis was used and even prescribed by doctors for medical use. Only after it took hold the idea of analogy between cannabis and opium, probably  spread by Egyptians Sunni integrationists governments that were waging a campaign to eradicate Sufism and other forms of unorthodox religious forms, in which made was common practice the use of cannabis, very common in the country. Bans came in western countries very quickly and in 1928 the state of Victoria was the first Australian state to prohibit use of Marijuana. From then, recognizing the therapeutic uses of Cannabis has been a long journey through prejudices, political positions and other forms of preconceived notions. Today most countries are permitting some use of medical cannabis and some other permit even a recreational use. Between them an increasing Continue Reading