Sexual dysfunction in females, causes, symptons and some of the best solutions

How Does Female Sexual Dysfunction Affect Women In Australia For many women in Australia, female sexual dysfunction is a very real problem and not an easy one to face. Sex is still widely a taboo topic in societies in countries like Australia and America so addressing an issue like female sexual dysfunction can be embarrassing.  Female sexual dysfunction is when a woman loses her drive for sex and experiences a diminished libido. Other symptoms of female sexual dysfunction can include a lack of vaginal lubrication as well as pain and discomfort during sex. Women experiencing sexual dysfunction can also have a decreased sense of arousal and struggle to achieve an orgasm. Who is affected Approximately 40% of all women experience some form of female sexual dysfunction. It is considered a widespread condition and becomes more prevalent in older age groups. In fact, most women experiencing female sexual dysfunction are age 30 or above. It is relatively uncommon in younger women who still have healthy sexual functions. There are many symptoms associated with female sexual dysfunction which can include: Lack of vaginal lubrication Pain during sex Decreased arousal Inability to achieve an orgasm Overall reduction of sex drive What are the Continue Reading